O'Muse de Bordeaux Honk-Kong (English)

I find this shop O'Muse de Bordeaux in HK very suspicious.

First of all, they claim they are in the wine business in Bordeaux since 1715 but their story they present on their site seems just baroque and not relevant. Also I cannot find any proper address in Bordeaux or elsewhere in France. So they seem to be only HK-based.

They sell very old vintages of french Grands Crus, some of them are more than one hundred years
old. This is typically the kind of bottles that I am not interested in. Nevertheless if you really wish to buy some, you should definitely be cautious and check the authenticity of these bottles. By the end of the day, you should buy only directly from the domains or their first-hand retailers, certainly not from a shop in HK!!!!

Below is my little story about that shop. I found this shop via a google search when I was looking for the seller of the bottle below seen on FB...

They were the only shop that I found on Google selling these bottles vintage 50 with that specific label. When I asked O'Muse de Bordeaux whether they had sold such an item recently, they answered no... I took a snapshot of the webpage. See below.

One can note on the first picture above that the bottle in question has a quite special label actually. It is a vintage 50 from Ausone and there is also this notification "Grand Cru Classé". That sounded strange to us since the Saint-Emilion ranking was created in 1955... But I eventually got the explaination from the owner of Château Ausone himself, Alain Vauthier, who kindly checked his ledgers and certifed that 26 bottles were recorked and relabeled in 1998 by Château Ausone. Well... At least there existed only 26 such bottles in 1998! But O'Muse de Bordeaux who had it on their selling list claimed that they did not sell any of these bottles... Alain Vauthier also explained me that the most common counterfeit for Château Ausone is the refilling of authentic bottles. The bottle itself is genuine, not its content.

Then I had a closer look at O'Muse de Bordeaux's selling list and got just amazed by their old rare bottles selling list. It think that it is just too good to be true. For instance there were many Romanée-Conti bottles from the 1930's (-- but not only those). Therefore I contacted Domaine Domaine de La Romanée-Conti in March and and got a clear answer from them by Madame Mireille Bossu: DRC did not know that shop in HK, hence had no contact with them...

So buyers beware!